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four moments during/after blair’s pregnancy

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Chair + dancing


Chair + dancing

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I’m rewatching GG as I said it before, and yesterday I made a stupid decision to watch chair videos. I realized something, that I knew already, but it became more clear this time: Blair only acts totally like herself when she’s around Chuck. With every other guy she’d ever dated, she had to pretend to be someone different, or hide some parts of her because she knew they wouldn’t accept it. With Chuck on the other hand, she could be totally free and be 100% like herself around him, because she knew he loved her no matter what, and that’s amazing.

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New York is a very rich environment. Acting is a pretty unconventional life, you’re always working, in a way. You can relax and go and see a movie, but I always see a performance that inspires me. Or sitting eating and you observe people and characters. Work creeps in. I listen to music, I like trying new restaurants things like that.

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CB + forheads touching

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Chrys1130 asked: Chuck and Blair/Oliver and Felicity paralell from 6x09/2x23

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Anonymous Asked: CB+Crying

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